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About Bertani Middle East

Bertani Middle East

Office 1006, Sidra Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, TECOM
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United Arab Emirates
+971 4 33 70 107
+971 4 33 70 102
Contact Person:
Jihad Messarra
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Bertani is one of the leading companies on the high-quality market. We are well equipped to provide support to architects and designers both as far as interior design and technical, energy-saving spaces are concerned thanks to the advice of our expert, well-informed staff.

We frequently organize evening events at our premises to create a relaxed, friendly environment for project designers, our consultants and manufacturers to come together.
Training courses

We periodically organize training courses and meetings for installers to keep them informed of current standards, present new products and explain their installation methods.

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Bathroom Fittings  More information If the kitchen has now become the new heart to the home, the bathroom has acquired an even more important function, if that is possible. It is the place where one rediscovers oneself, where one can search to find a harmony which has been lost or even...       Website
Pipes, Unions and Valves  More information We supply the full range of all types of products required in all civil and industrial complexes for the creation of water feeding, drainage, heating, air conditioning, irrigation and fire prevention systems. In particular, we stock, ready for...       Website
Sanitary Fittings and Showers  More information The soft, welcoming embrace of ceramic and the innate elegance of crystal. These are the materials which come immediately to mind when one talks about sanitary fittings and showers, even if they are not the only ones: we know that, nowadays, many...       Website
Fire Prevention We supply the materials required for constructing fire prevention water systems, mainly designed for industrial use, e.g.: on-ground hydrants, underground hydrants, on-wall hydrants, lances, sprinklers, motor pump connection units, and indication...       Website
Bath Tubs  More information To immerse oneself at the most intimate times of the day, dedicated to ourselves, in the emotions created by water with its vibrations, running, reflections ... its regenerating power. Functions and shapes which lead to a feeling of entire...       Website
Circulators and Pumps We sell circulators for heating and air conditioning systems, submersed pumps for extraction from wells and for irrigation, and submersible pumps, to prevent flooding of underground locations, and lastly, pumps for fire prevention systems....       Website
Sauna and Hammam  More information In order not to disappoint the expectations of those who like these spaces given over to wellbeing, one needs to turn to those who, over the years, have acquired the professional skills necessary for creating them. That is why Bertani has chosen the...       Website
Boilers  More information To have your home heated by Bertani S.p.A., you will find the best boilers on the market in terms of technology, energy saving and reliability. According to your needs, you will find hanging boilers, floor level boilers, instantaneously producing...       Website
Heat Fittings Furnishing by heating. An unthinkable possibility up to just a few years ago, when radiators were hidden by a thousand different devices, whilst towel heaters didn't even exist. Today it's a very different situation and there are many companies...        
Underfloor Heating Heating (and cooling) using floor-built-in (or ceiling-built-in) radiation panel systems is currently the option that offers you maximum comfort inside your home. The radiation panel systems heat the room evenly, free the room of heating units,...       Website
Complementary Fittings  More information Bathroom fittings do not just stop at sanitary fittings, bathtubs or shower boxes, furniture radiators or hammams. This is a complex, multi-form and quite multi-faceted world which can be completed by a series of details capable of increasing its...        
Heating Control Thanks to digital control and accounting units, you can now comfortably control the management of your boiler and of your heating system in a completely automated way. You will thus obtain greater energy savings, as well as a more rational use and...       Website
Solutions for the Disabled Not a highly publicised product category, but one of enormous social importance, even more than practical or aesthetic importance. These are bathroom fittings solutions for the disabled and the elderly: sanitary fittings, support handles, systems for...        
Air Conditioning The air conditioning system adjusts the temperature and humidity of the rooms in your home during the summer to ensure an adequate comfort level. The systems with a heat pump can also be used for heating in winter. Our technicians are at your...        
Rimadesio Doors Founded in 1956 in Brianza, Rimadesio dedicated itself, in its early years in business, to processing flat glass for some furnishing companies. Nowadays the trademark is an acknowledged reference point in the sector of space partition, and boasts a...        
Ventilation Ventilation systems, especially those for offices and industrial systems, generate the air of exchange inside the rooms, expelling stale air to the outside and reintegrating it with pre-heated air taken from the outside. Exchange of air is constant,...        
Fireplaces This is the beating heart of the home, the convivial item par excellence, around which the family, or a group of friends gets together to have a chat. Focus fireplaces, all created by Dominique Imbert, entirely express this sense of intimacy but, at...        
Heat Insulation In winter, the insulation material applied on walls, floors, pavements and roof, prevents heat generated by the boiler and solar panels from dispersing outside the house. Pipe insulation makes it possible for the heat transported by the fluids not to...        
Lighting The intangible beauty of light. Davide Groppi's research attempts to plumb this suggestion, creating minimal, rigorous products which, without cumbersome superstructures, manage to return to light the natural beauty belonging to it: the trademark...        
Water Treatment Tap water whether supplied from a water bed or source, always contains a certain quantity of mineral salts. Among these, calcium and magnesium bicarbonate are deposited at temperatures of over 30°, forming limestone. The limestone can be reduced by...        
Outdoor Fittings Indoor and outdoor. A clear separation which today, thanks to trademarks such as Roda and Dedon, becomes much more softened. The outside products of the two brands, in fact, express a different, innovative concept of furnishings, centred on the...        
Rainwater Recovery Water is surely one of the resources heading toward exhaustion and is therefore an increasingly precious one. Our company is particularly aware of the subject of water saving, which will become increasingly important in the coming years. Currently,...        
Tiles and Floors  More information Tradition or innovation? Noble antique materials or surprisingly modern ones? Certainly there is no shortage of solutions for covering all sorts of surface areas, so much so that the greatest obstacle would seem to be that of making the most suitable...        
Renewable Energy The on-going increase of energy costs and the state's incentives creation polices now make it more convenient to invest in technological solutions focused on obtaining a cut in energy costs and exploiting renewable energy sources. We can now offer...        

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06 16 00 - Sheathing
09 30 00 - Tiling
10 21 00 - Compartments and Cubicles
10 28 00 - Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories
10 30 00 - Fireplaces and Stoves
10 31 00 - Manufactured Fireplaces
10 44 00 - Fire Protection Specialties
12 44 00 - Bath Furnishings
13 17 00 - Tubs and Pools
  13 24 00 - Special Activity Rooms
22 00 00 - Plumbing
22 10 00 - Plumbing Piping
22 40 00 - Plumbing Fixtures
22 41 00 - Commercial Plumbing Fixtures
22 41 00 - Residential Plumbing Fixtures
22 42 00 - Healthcare Plumbing Fixtures
22 43 00 - Emergency Plumbing Fixtures
22 45 00 - Security Plumbing Fixtures

Categories: stone surfaces, kitchen worktops.

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