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About Tiles and Floors

Tiles and Floors

Tiles and Floors

Tradition or innovation? Noble antique materials or surprisingly modern ones? Certainly there is no shortage of solutions for covering all sorts of surface areas, so much so that the greatest obstacle would seem to be that of making the most suitable choice from such a rich and varied offer: the naturalness of wood or the infinite aesthetic and shape and size possibilities guaranteed by new generation materials such as resins, PVC or laminates.

And again: ceramic, “cotto”, marble and mosaic: Bertani supplies and lays the most disparate materials for fitting out all home environments, outdoor ones included. Materials which can be functional or sensory with a high level of innovation, vehicles for ever more sophisticated and surprising uses.

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Tiles and Floors
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Stoneware and Ceramic Porcelain Stoneware Hard ceramic, coloured and non-porous, today porcelain stoneware is the type of ceramic material most used in Italian manufacture. There are many reasons - from its exceptional resistance to bending and to scratching to its...      
Parquet FIEMME 3000 Fiemme 3000 is the trademark identifying D.K.Z.'s biocompatible wooden floors. These collections recall their technological value in order to offer a 100% biological and ecological product. To obtain these results, the company has...      
Atelier Margaritelli Margaritelli has recently added the new Atelier trademark to its traditional Listone Giordano. Collections intimately linked to the context where they develop (in this case the woods in the heart of Umbria), those signed Atelier Listone Giordano,...      
Mosaic Infinite colours, different types of decoration sizes and shapes, produced to create surfaces which are always unique and treasured. Anyone choosing to decorate a space using the tessera of mosaic will be faced with a truly impressive array of design...      
Artistic Mosaic The Angelo Orsoni furnace at Cannaregio, Venice, is a charming laboratory in which four generations of a family have been involved in bringing the antique works of Byzantine sheet of gold mosaic and the enamels of the Murano Renaissance back to life....      
Artistic Ceramic Gio Ponti, Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari, Tullio Pericoli, Tord Boontje and Nigel Coates. These are just some of the great contemporary and past designers who have lended their art to ceramics, creating hand-produced collections or collections using the...      
Design Materials Glazes, China clay, glass, paintings. And particularly porcelain stoneware. These are materials which, whether combined or used singly, offer fertile ground for the experimental talent of the most up-to-date designers. Porcelain stoneware, in...      
Thin Slabs Renewing home flooring without demolishing previous flooring. Laying the new floor without removing doors or windows: conditions which were at one time unthinkable and are now possible thanks to a series of ceramic-based products: Minimax by Ceramica...      
Marble and Natural Stones The Po bathtub, designed by Claudio Silvestrin for Boffi, is in a solid block of Bihara stone. The Opium washbasin, designed by Carlo Colombo for Antonio Lupi, is made of moonstone. These are just two examples where large companies, not just...      
Grit and Agglomerates Antique arts and technologies “in the van” in a single category. While grit was used in the past to floor fascinating late Nineteenth Century residences, technical agglomerates are a decidedly contemporary resource. Today productions in...      
Resin It is called Love York and it is the first collection of resin flooring on offer from Kerakoll Design, a division of one of the leading companies in the worldwide production and distribution of adhesives, glues and chemicals for the industry...      
Cotto Palagio is one of the most important companies involved in the production of imprunetino cotto, a material created using that same slate which for centuries has been bringing out the refined beauty of Tuscan architecture. The experience gained by the...      
Outdoor Materials Ideal for covering and flooring residential buildings, both public and private, klinker has processing, resistance and malleability features very similar to stoneware and is obtained from a mixture of refractory clays, melting substances and a...      
Wood Floors for Outdoor Is it possible to enjoy the unparalleled warmth of wood in outside spaces as well ? The answer is yes, thanks to some types of wood (which include Iroko, Teak and Ipé) which are able to resist various atmospheric agents: rain, hail, humidity and sun....      

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04 40 00 - Stone Assemblies
09 01 30 - Maintenance of Tiling
09 01 30.91 - Tile Restoration
09 30 00 - Tiling
09 30 13 - Ceramic Tiling
09 30 33 - Stone Tiling
09 33 00 - Conductive Tiling
09 60 00 - Flooring
09 62 00 - Specialty Flooring
09 62 13 - Asphaltic Plank Flooring
09 62 19 - Laminate Flooring
09 63 40 - Stone Flooring
09 64 23 - Wood Parquet Flooring
09 64 66 - Wood Athletic Flooring
09 65 19 - Resilient Tile Flooring
09 65 66 - Resilient Athletic Flooring
09 67 66 - Fluid-Applied Athletic Flooring
09 75 00 - Stone Facing
04 40 00 - Stone Assemblies
09 30 00 - Tiling
09 33 00 - Conductive Tiling
09 60 00 - Flooring
09 62 00 - Specialty Flooring
09 63 00 - Masonry Flooring
09 64 00 - Wood Flooring
09 65 00 - Resilient Flooring
09 67 00 - Fluid-Applied Flooring
09 75 00 - Stone Facing

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