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Drop-In Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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14 Aug 2018

If you want the look of an old-time tin ceiling in your home but are concerned that your existing ceiling is too out of level or might not provide enough support, consider a drop-in decorative ceiling tile system. You might think that you’ve never seen a drop-in ceiling, but just look up the next time you’re shopping at a store in the mall or eating at your favorite restaurant. Drop-in ceilings have been a favorite of commercial builders for years, as they allow easy access to wiring and plumbing above by simply lifting a tile and they’re very easy to install. Drop ceilings offer you many attractive benefits.

The same traits that make drop-in tiles popular for commercial use can also help you upgrade a ceiling in your home during a challenging remodeling project. Drop-in-tile ceilings can be installed in a room with exposed ceiling joists or older homes where the framing has settled over time and everything seems to be out of level, and they are perfect for finishing a basement where many of the mechanicals are below the ceiling framing. Suspended-ceiling tiles can be installed at any height and are supported by wires that can be adjusted so that the ceiling is level regardless of what happens to be hidden above.



Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers drop-in tiles to fit any application, room décor, and budget. Consider these drop-ceiling tiles options when choosing your ceiling:

Tin-plated steel: If your goal is to give a room the appearance of having been created during a time when old-world quality craftsmanship was important, consider these timeless classics. Tin drop-in ceiling tiles are available in more than 100 patterns to fit just about any interior design and only need to be painted prior to installation. The drop-ceiling panels are very budget-friendly and easy to work with, whether they are installed by a DIYer or professional contractor.

Aluminum: If painting isn’t your strong suit, consider pre-finished aluminum drop-in ceiling tiles. They’re available in as many patterns as the tin tiles but have numerous color options online that eliminate the need for having to paint. Don’t feel that you’ll be limited in your choices, as there are almost more colors to choose from than in a giant box of crayons.

Faux tin: While tin and aluminum tiles are easy to work with, if you’re a DIYer, faux-tin drop-in tiles might be your best choice. The tiles look just like metal but are made from tough, durable PVC that’s lightweight and can be cut with scissors. The tiles don’t have the echoing effect that some metal tiles can have, and they also feature a Class A fire rating. They’re available in more than 30 patterns and numerous colors, and best of all, they are very affordable. They look great in a commercial environment as well.

Copper: For some people, only the best drop-ceiling tiles will do, and if you fall into that category, consider solid copper or aged copper drop-in ceiling tiles. They’re a little more expensive than tin, aluminum, and faux-tin tiles, but they offer an appearance that’s sure to stop anyone in their tracks.


Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers all of the accessories that you or your contractor might need to convert a standard ceiling grid that’s available at most home improvement stores into a grid that matches your metal drop-in ceiling tiles. The sleeves and cuffs are easily applied and can be purchased in 80 finishes. Shop in our online store to get the accessories you need.

Styles for Any Décor

Whether you choose tin, aluminum, faux-tin, or copper drop-in ceiling tiles for your home installation, there are styles and finishes that can complement any interior design you may have in mind. Suspended ceiling tiles range from colonial to modern patterns and just about anything you can imagine in between. If you’re having difficulty making up your mind on the type of drop-ceiling tiles for your project, consider ordering samples that might make the process a little easier.

While many people choose drop-in ceiling tiles for their homes, they can also be used for restaurants, pubs, retail locations, professional offices, or any establishment that might benefit from having an attractive ceiling. Decorative Ceiling Tiles offers dropped-ceiling tiles specifically designed for commercial use.

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