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About Sanitary Fittings and Showers

Sanitary Fittings and Showers

The soft, welcoming embrace of ceramic and the innate elegance of crystal. These are the materials which come immediately to mind when one talks about sanitary fittings and showers, even if they are not the only ones: we know that, nowadays, many collections of washbasins, bidets and toilet bowls are made of innovative synthetic composites which allow designers to indulge their whims with the most unusual, unexpected shapes.

But, whatever material is used, a balanced marrying of shape and material between showers and sanitary fittings (of whatever shape or size, suspended or supported) can give life to a dream environment, in which one can restore both mind and, particularly, body.

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Sanitary Fittings and Showers
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Sanitary Fittings The present offer of sanitary fittings in ceramic offers a very wide choice; under the modern concept, sanitary fittings are put into the bathroom on line with the style and taste of their context, thus increasing their value. We are offering classic...        
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Stone Washbasins The bathroom environment transforms itself into an indedepent space, beyond the boundaries of visible, and becomes the place for a wellness that grasps body and mind. A place to express your own style and rejoin your senses to natural elements. Bali...        
Accessories Mirrors, towel holders, hooks, toilet paper holders, floor lamps, : a list of objects which could go on and on and which includes that cherished family of accessories capable of “completing” the bathroom. These are collections made of...       Website
Laundry Those who love their home do not neglect any detail. And they do not ignore any environment, even those traditionally considered minor or destined for anonymity. Thanks to the solutions offered by the companies dealt with by Bertani, the laundry too...       Website
Design Showers The purity of crystal and the innate elegance of aluminium. A creative dialogue between two of the materials which most characterise shower cabins, capable of bringing to life the refined play of reflections and unexpected shafts of light. The last...       Website
Multifunction Showers On the wall or angular, semi-circular or square, contemporary shower boxes make one think of elegant, minimalist cells from science fiction, capable of projecting anyone who enters into other dimensions, to universes dedicated to relaxation and...       Website
Equipped Columns Researched to cover all nuances of aesthetics and wellbeing, equipped columns are products whereby it is possible to personalise any type of shower cabin. Adjustable both for corners and walls, often available also in versions for the bath tub,...       Website
Rain Shower Heads How many songs, poems, tales and films have been inspired by rain ? And how many states of mind can it arouse ? From the most unbridled joy to the most agonising melancholy: a simple downpour can unleash the entire range of emotions. Emotions which...        

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