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About Boon Edam B.V.

Boon Edam B.V.

Postal code:
1135 ZG
PO Box:
+31 299 380808
+31 299 372859
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G. Boon was founded in 1873 as a carpentry shop in Amsterdam. In 1970 the family business moved from Amsterdam to Edam and the company changed name to Boon Edam. Boon Edam supplied its first revolving door over 100 years ago.

Since then the Group has become the acknowledged world market leader in revolving doors. But we do more than that. Our core business nowadays focuses on Door Systems, Security Access and Advanced Door Care.

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News archive:
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Dallas Police HQ Installs New Layer of Perimeter Security with Boon Edam Turnstiles (18 Oct 2021)
IMB Banks On Boon Edam’s Elegant Entrance Security at New Wollongong Building (26 Aug 2021)
Germany’s ‘The Cube’ Embraces Sustainability with Boon Edam Revolving Doors (10 Jul 2021)
Boon Edam’s New Mapping Tool Enables Long-Term Entrance Planning (26 Jun 2021)
Belgium’s Arta’a Arts Center Installs All-Glass Revolving Door to Achieve Safety with High Design (2 May 2021)
Boon Edam Best-Practices Whitepaper for Integrating Access Control with Security Entrances (18 Apr 2021)
The QO Hotel Installs Boon Edam Revolving Door to Achieve LEED Platinum Certification (3 Apr 2021)
The River Building Secures Lobby with Boon Edam Optical Turnstiles (7 Feb 2021)
Ferrero Rocher Installs Custom Golden Boon Edam Revolving Door at New Luxembourg Headquarters (24 Jan 2021)
Cantina Laredo Standardizes on Boon Edam Revolving Door for Main Entrance (20 Dec 2020)
Sydney’s Dexus Gateway Building Combines Boon Edam Turnstiles with Three Technologies (4 Dec 2020)
Boon Edam Publishes Whitepaper on Effect of Pandemics on Entrance Security (25 Oct 2020)
NC State University Upgrades Security with New Boon Edam Turnstiles (29 Aug 2020)
Announcing UL Certification on Newest Revolving Door (15 Aug 2020)
Boon Edam and Guidepost Solutions Offer Webinar on Post-COVID Secure Lobbies (23 Jul 2020)
Boon Edam Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring AI-Powered Entrance Solutions (16 Jun 2020)
Launching the Speedlane Compact Optical Turnstile (10 Jun 2020)
Boon Edam Podcast Helps Security Professionals Select the Right Entry Strategy (28 May 2020)
Park House at London’s Finsbury Circus Upgrades Security with Boon Edam Optical Turnstiles (16 May 2020)
New Guide to Address a Common Security Gap at Facilities: The Entry (3 May 2020)
Revolving Door and Turnstiles Upgrade Entrance of Riverside London Workspace (4 Apr 2020)
National Law Enforcement Museum Celebrates Law Enforcement History with Boon Edam Revolving Doors (25 Jan 2020)
Boon Edam Continues as Market Leader for Security Entrances in the Americas (13 Jan 2020)
Boon Edam Publishes Whitepaper on using Security Entrances for Regulatory Compliance (24 Nov 2019)
Historic Paris Hotel Revitalizes Entry with Boon Edam Revolving Doors (25 Oct 2019)
Boon Edam’s Just-Released Security Survey Highlights the Impact and Challenges of Tailgating (5 Oct 2019)
33 Congress Street in Boston Preserves History with Custom Boon Edam Revolving Door and Turnstiles (24 Aug 2019)
Dallas Police HQ Chooses Boon Edam Security Doors to Secure Its Lobby (12 Jul 2019)

08 42 00 - Entrances
08 74 00 - Non-Integrated Access Control Hardware
11 14 00 - Pedestrian Control Equipment
  11 97 00 - Security Equipment
28 00 00 - Electronic Safety and Security
28 10 00 - Access Control

Categories: manual and automatic revolving doors, special purpose doors, security access, security doors and portals, waist high turnstiles, pedestrian security lanes, full height turnstiles, access gates and barriers, high impact vehicle barriers.

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