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About Parquet




Fiemme 3000 is the trademark identifying D.K.Z.'s biocompatible wooden floors. These collections recall their technological value in order to offer a 100% biological and ecological product. To obtain these results, the company has undertaken to respect essential parameters, such as its choice of suppliers of raw materials (who must comply with civil rights legislation which refuses, for example, the use of exotic woods) or, again, the choice of vinyl glues with a very low formaldehyde content. This “environmental rigour” has allowed D.K.Z. to obtain corporate management system certifications under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 rules, showing that legislation on respect for the environment has been complied with.


Established in 1991, the Industria Parquet Fabriano has positioned itself on the Italian market by producing solid flooring in special types of wood. Thanks to the experience it has gained over the years, IPF offers a very extensive production, spread over a series of highly prestigious, top quality collections. Of the numerous offers under the brand, we should mention: Bianchi, a range of hand-brushed tables, pre-treated with a colour base and then finished with a wax effect; the hand-Sawed collection, using aged planks enriched by the hand-cutting of surface areas; and IPF Plus, a single three layer board (laid floating or glued) from Rovere Europe with exclusive finishings, in which vibrant colours harmonise with the natural veining of the wood.

An old prejudice would see parquet as being inadequate for environments with a high risk of humidity. In actual fact, this product has now demonstrated its malleability and it is now possible to floor any public or private environment using different types of parquet, from the traditional type (in solid wood, at least 10 mm thick, so as to be able to be smoothed, varnished and “waxed” several times) to the pre-finished article (which combines the upper layer of a rare types with a support in young wood) to the processed type, available in types which differ by colour, tone and veining. Iroko, Rovere, Teak, Doussie: there are many woods to choose from which, if made suitably water-repellent, can give their natural warmth to the most varied of design requirements.

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