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About Laminam Middle East

Laminam Middle East

Office 1006, Sidra Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, TECOM
Dubai show map
United Arab Emirates
+971 4 33 70 107
+971 4 33 70 102
Contact Person:
Jihad Messarra
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Laminam: a brand synonymous with innovative material, a manufacturing technique that has no equal worldwide, a revolutionary slab larger than three square metres. Versatile and flexible, it fits contemporary architecture like a glove and is an innovative solution for large surfaces. An ideal product for an endless variety of applications, from traditional to leading-edge building projects, from furnishings to design. Able to stay one step ahead of trends in living styles, to respond to all kinds of planning and design needs and to engage effectively and virtuously with the world of contemporary architecture, Laminam surfaces are able to guarantee surprisingly impressive technical performance and a beautiful appearance, expanding the opportunities the world of project design offers and opening the door to a new concept of living styles.

Technological innovation
Dynamic approach

The Green Approach
An eco-responsible approach: this is the philosophy on which each Laminam production process and each research and development action is based. In 2011 the company completed its own photovoltaic roof plant, which since then has produced over 1 megawatt of energy and is expected to produce a yearly average of 1.387 GWh, thus significantly reducing Co2 emissions. In addition, Laminam is a member of the Green Building Council: its production processes release only water vapour into the atmosphere, and waste from the production process is re-used for other applications, without the need to use up further resources; furthermore, the light weight of the slabs allows for the optimisation of transport.

A supremely attractive surface designed for all areas requiring solid applications, both outdoors and indoors: the construction industry, furnishings, interior design and the naval sector.
Thirteen collections for a total of over 100 different surfaces, plus the Laminam Esterna and Laminam On Top systems.

Thanks to the complete absence of warpage of the slabs, Laminam is widely used in the interior furnishings sector, and can easily be used for kitchen tops, all kinds of worktops, doors and dividing walls. The company has worked together on numerous occasions with leading brands in the furnishing and interior design sector.

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Request for Information Preview Product Description Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
1620x3240mm On Top Series The Laminam pure ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size, 12mm thick, are the fruit of the innovative production line activated recently. They offer priceless millimeters of extra space for the hands of skilled workers, providing them with more... Brochures      
Laminam Calce Series  More information Soft colours, delicate shading inspired by wet plaster and industrial concrete. Soft materials with a strong contemporary spirit, icons of sophisticated design. Brochures      
Laminam Blend Series Flexible and versatile and inspired by cement, with a special speckled visual effect. It reveals remarkably broad-ranging application possibilities, making it ideal for both the world of interior design as well as for outdoor claddings. Brochures     Website
Laminam Collection Series The most historical collection fully represents the concept of versatility: a new way to surface for use in both commercial and residential projects. Brochures     Website
Laminam Filo Series Filo is the product which Laminam has dedicated to the world of interiors, created for all surfaces. Technology and research into material and style have led to the creation of a surprising texture, stemming from the image of a continually repeated... Brochures     Website
Laminam I Metalli Series  More information A material allure with exceptional reflecting potential. Versatile, reactive forms transferred onto glossy textures. This is the new I Metalli series by Laminam, reminiscent of age-old materials such as iron, brass, copper and bronze, able to give... Brochures     Website
Laminam Fokos Series Fokos originates from the primordial force of nature, which is expressed through pure and necessary elements such as Roccia, Rena,Terra, Sale. The natural, soft colours emphasise the special tactile, pleasant and almost velvety sensation afforded by... Brochures     Website
Laminam I Naturali Series Maximum freedom of expression and unexplored possibilities in interior design for a unique collection, which enhances the formal elegance of stone in the large dimensions, with reduced thickness, easy handling and speedy application. Brochures     Website
Laminam Linfa Series Ceramic surfaces come to life in a project that draws its inspiration from wood, in a new reinterpretation with restyled dimensions and finishes. The constant research into materials, teamed with the latest machining processes and treatments, gives... Brochures     Website
Laminam Oxide Series The effect that Laminam wanted to recreate with the Oxide collection is that of metal that has reacted to sunlight and has been exposed to the weather over time. A collection devised to embellish settings with character, and which has surprisingly... Brochures     Website
Laminam Tredi Series A technical surface par excellence, owing to the anti-grip performance guaranteed by a structure speckled in-depth, which adds thickness and recalls the weft of a fabric. Perfect for swimming pools, spas, gyms, laboratories and industrial kitchens. Brochures     Website
Laminam Kauri Series LAMINAM, the manufacturer of the revolutionary ceramic slabs, presents the new KAURI collection. Brochures      

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09 00 00 - Finishes
09 30 00 - Tiling
09 31 00 - Thin-Set Tiling
09 32 00 - Mortar-Bed Tiling
  09 35 00 - Chemical-Resistant Tiling
09 60 00 - Flooring
09 63 00 - Masonry Flooring
12 42 00 - Table Accessories

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