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About Aerial Lift Platforms

Aerial Lift Platforms

Orientals Specialist Lifting is grateful to be an exclusive distributor of Falcon and Bluelift from TCA Lift, Denmark. TCA Lift is manufacturer and the global market leader of compact aerial lifts under the brand of the original Falcon Spider Lifts. These lift can pass through 1m wide and 2m high door opening, and when in place, the outriggers unfold like a spider’s legs, providing safe support for the lift.

The Falcon Spiders lifts are very compact platform for indoor and outdoor use. It has 26 – 52 meter (85 – 170 feet) of height. Their Falcon Spiders lifts makes it possible to operate in places where other platform fails. Their Falcon Spider series are FS290 - 320, FS320Z, FS370 – FS420, FS370C – FS420C and FS520C. The FS290 – 320 types has double jib arm, automatic outrigger positioning, steering of outrigger and chassis from the basket. FS320Z is the highest articulated Z-boom on the market. In addition, FS320Z have two-arm over-centre riser, four section telescopic aluminium boom, and 110° articulating jib together offers the user a superior working envelope. It has working height of 32 meters, reach 16 meters at an up and over height of 11 meters. FS370 – FS420 type has compact design, very flexible and safe. FS370C – FS420C is known as the “Ultimate Crawler platform”. Lastly, the FS520C is the “World’s tallest compact platform”.

The Bluelifts are compact low weight tracked lifts offers high quality models from 12 – 22 meter height with 200 kg basket capacity. These are narrow tracked spider lifts and good off-road abilities. Bluelifts are very versatile and can pass through a single door and can cross to very soft or difficult terrain. Their Bluelifts series of products are C12 6.5, C14 6.5, C16 5.8, SA 16 Compact, C18 8 and C22 11. The C12 6.5 is the smallest Bluelift with a working height of 12m and outreach of 6,5m. C12 6.5 has automatic start and stop engine, and has Function Memory System (FMS). Bluelift C14 6.5 is the first 14m aerial work platform with a two section telescopic articulated pantograph boom. Also, Bluelift C14 6.5, has the same compact footprint as the C12, yet offers an outreach of 6,5m with a maximum load capacity of 200kg and outrigger deployment and leveling are automatic. The C14 6.5 is powered by a petrol and electric engine. C14 6.5 features have radio control, proportional control, 90° jib, detachable basket, automatic start / stop engine and Function Memory System (FMS). C16 5.8 has 16m working height, 5.8m maximum reach, 200 kg maximum load in basket, 340 degree turret rotation and 25% maximum gradient. SA 16 Compact also has 16m working height, automatic settings, Function Memory System (FMS) and automatic start/stop engine. The C18 8 bluelift is very narrow size of 18m and has self diagnostic system. The C22 11 is the biggest bluelift type which has 22m working height and 11m outreach with 200 kg lift capacity. C22 11 features have dual parallelogram riser, with telescopic boom and articulated jib.

Brochures for Aerial Lift Platforms

Brochures for Aerial Lift Platforms
Preview Description Format Size Open
Falcon FS290 Brochure
PDF 1011 kB Open
Falcon FS320Z Brochure
PDF 517 kB Open
Falcon FS370 Brochure
PDF 1.0 MB Open
Falcon FS370C-FS420C Brochure
PDF 375 kB Open
Falcon FS520C Brochure
PDF 1.0 MB Open
Falcon FS420 Brochure
PDF 1.0 MB Open
Bluelift SA16 Compact Brochure
PDF 409 kB Open
Bluelift C12 6.5 Brochure
PDF 305 kB Open
Bluelift C14 6.5 Brochure
PDF 272 kB Open
Bluelift C16 5.8 Brochure
PDF 333 kB Open
Bluelift C18 8 Brochure
PDF 313 kB Open
Bluelift C22 11 Brochure
PDF 334 kB Open

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