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About Penetron International

Penetron International

45 Research Way, Suite 203
East Setauket, NY
Postal code:
11733-6401 show map
United States
+1 631) 941 9700
+1 631) 941 9777
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Penetron International is a leading manufacturer of integral crystalline capillary systems for waterproofing, repairing and protecting concrete. Penetron has been serving the design and construction industry for almost 30 years with sound technical support and performance products engineered to meet the highest manufacturing and environmental standards.

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Penetron Penetron is a surface-applied cementitious slurry coating that waterproofs concrete in-depth. Penetron can be applied to all structurally sound concrete, new or old. It is equally effective when applied form either the positive of negative sides of... Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Penetron Plus Penetron Plus is a dry-shake applied waterproofing treatment for concrete. It is used where localized protection is required or offers a more economical solution to using Penetron Admix, such as on very thick slabs. Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Penecrete Mortar Penecrete Mortar is an integral waterproofing repair mortar. Used as part of the Penetron repair system it is designed to fill cracks and non-moving joints to permanently waterproof concrete. Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Peneplug Peneplug is a rapid setting, integral crystalline cementitious waterstop designed to stop active water leaks and moisture ingress. Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Penetron Admix Penetron Admix is mixed with fresh concrete at the time of batching to effect permanent and complete waterproofing of concrete from the beginning. Making waterproofing a part of the concrete pouring process allows for considerable saving to project... Brochures Specifications   Website
Peneseal FH Peneseal FH is a transparent, reactive, water-based sealer that penetrates concrete building materials, protecting, preserving and strengthening them permanently. It can be easily applied to both new and old concrete surfaces. Brochures Specifications   Website
Penebar Penebar is a concrete joint waterstop designed to expand when exposed to water to self heal non-moving and cold joints in concrete. Brochures     Website
Penebar primer PENEBAR™ PRIMER enhances the bonding between pre-formed sealants, like PENEBAR™ SW, and concrete surfaces aiding in the installation process. Quickly and conveniently applied at the job site by a simple brush application. Brochures     Website

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02 24 00 - Environmental Assessment
03 15 00 - Concrete Accessories
03 39 00 - Concrete Curing
07 00 00 - Thermal and Moisture Protection
07 10 00 - Dampproofing and Waterproofing
  07 11 00 - Dampproofing
07 14 00 - Fluid-Applied Waterproofing
07 16 00 - Cementitious and Reactive Waterproofing
09 35 00 - Chemical-Resistant Tiling
41 36 00 - Assembly and Testing Equipment

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